‘The Bachelorette’ Season 19, Episode 2: How to watch online for free


"The Bachelorette" continues Season 19 with stars Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. (Photo: ABC/Gizelle Hernandez)ABC


The rose ceremony may have been canceled last week, and a few guys sent packing, but “The Bachelorette” Season 19 continues Monday with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, the first dual stars of a season. The women still have to sort through a veritable herd of men, with 29 guys left.

(How to watch: “The Bachelorette” airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on ABC. No cable or antenna? Watch “The Bachelorette” live on fubo TV, which offers a free trial)

So, what’s in store for Season 19, Episode 2? Here’s the description: “Following last week’s shocking canceled rose ceremony, Gabby and Rachel surprise the 29 men left at the mansion by daring them to compete in a swimsuit pageant in order to earn one of six spots at the group date after-party. The next morning, Rachel takes off for her first one-on-one with a once-in-a-lifetime Zero-G Experience, followed by a surprise musical performance by Ashley Cooke and Brett Young. Then, after a helicopter ride above Los Angeles and a steamy hot tub session, Gabby begins to let her walls down during her own one-on-one. Back at the mansion, when bold assumptions are revealed at the cocktail party, Rachel and Gabby continue to prove to the men that they are in control of their own journeys.”

Well, it wouldn’t be an episode of a “Bachelor” franchise show without an appearance by a musical act that many of us have never heard of. And, of course, we can’t have a week go by without the word “journey” being uttered a zillion times. So, we’re ready for tonight, right?

As a refresher, here’s the list of guys who are still around as of tonight’s episode:

· Alec, 27, a wedding photographer from Houston, Texas

· Aven, 28, a sales executive from San Diego, Calif.

· Brandan, 23, a bartender from Carlsbad, Calif.

· Chris, 30, a mentality coach from Redondo Beach, Calif.

· Colin, 36, a sales director from Chicago, Ill.

· Erich, 29, a real estate analyst from Bedminster, N.J.

· Ethan, 27, an advertising executive from New York, N.Y.

· Hayden, 29, a leisure executive from Tampa, Fla.

· Jacob, 27, a mortgage broker from Scottsdale, Ariz.

· James, 25, a meatball enthusiast from Winnetka, Ill.

· Jason, 30, an investment banker from Santa Monica, Calif.

· John, 26, an English teacher from Nashville, Tenn.

· Johnny, 25, a realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

· Jordan H., 35, a software developer from Tampa, Fla.

· Jordan V., 27, a drag racer from Alpharetta, Ga.

· Justin B., 32, a physical therapist from Solana Beach, Calif.

· Kirk, 29, a college football coach from Lubbock, Texas

· Logan, 26, a videographer from San Diego, Calif.

· Mario, 31, a personal trainer from Naperville, Ill.

· Matt, 25, a shipping executive from San Diego, Calif.

· Michael, 32, a pharmaceutical salesman from Long Beach, Calif.

· Nate, 33, an electrical engineer from Chicago, Ill.

· Quincey, 25, a life coach from Miami, Fla.

· Ryan, 36, an investment director from Boston, Mass.

· Spencer, 27, a graduate student from Chicago, Ill.

· Termayne, 28, a crypto guy from Naperville, Ill.

· Tino, 28, a general contractor from Playa Del Rey, Calif.

· Tyler, 25, a small business owner from Wildwood, N.J.

· Zach, 25, a tech executive from Anaheim Hills, Calif.