Portland’s deadliest block: ‘People are getting murdered here on a regular basis. Why?’

Before being towed away in May, a cluster of disabled cars and trucks, including the green pickup (left) provided a place for people to hang out on Northeast Milton Street off 82nd Avenue. Here, a man experiencing homelessness sweeps around a large pile of shopping carts, bicycle parts and furniture. Madison Suites is in the background. April 28, 2022. The Oregonian

Armed with white trash bags, rubber gloves and the power of prayer, two women offered up a benediction for the people living on and around Portland’s deadliest block.

“Father,” they intoned in low voices, “death threatens us and our neighbors. We pray for them that they would be lifted out of despair, that darkness and fear would not overwhelm them, that they would have peace and joy in the midst of danger.”

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