Video: Portland police fatally shoot man they say was armed in the Centennial neighborhood

Portland shooting

A man died after firing a shot as Portland police tried to arrest him, police said. An officer returned fire.The Oregonian/File


A Portland police officer shot and killed a man in the Centennial neighborhood of Southeast Portland just after midnight Sunday.

Police said the incident happened while officers from the East Precinct tried to arrest the man, who had been fighting physically with a woman near Southeast 148th Avenue and Clinton Street.

The man fired a shot, and an officer shot back, police said. The man died at the scene.

By Sunday night, police identified Mina Cavalli-Singer, who has worked for the bureau for five years, as the involved officer. Police did not say how many times she fired.

Christopher Ponte said he was out filming police with a friend when they came upon the shooting. “We got behind a cop car and figured let’s see what he was doing,” said Ponte, who with about a handful of other people call themselves Oregon CopWatch News.

Two Portland officers, a man and a woman, were on the sidewalk talking to a man, and then it appeared they were trying to take him into custody and handcuff him when the man struggled and resisted, Ponte said.

“He fought back, resisted and pulled out a gun,” Ponte said of the man police were attempting to handcuff. “The guy pulled out his own gun, and the male cop put his hand on either the pistol or the man’s wrist.”

He said he believes the man struggling with the two officers fired a single shot from a pistol.

After the gunshot, the male officer continued to struggle with the suspect. At some point, the male officer grabbed the man’s pistol, had it in one hand and was struggling with the man with his other hand, Ponte said.

As the man and the male officer continued to wrestle, the female officer fired six shots into the man struggling with her partner, killing him, Ponte said.

Cathy McCoog, a neighbor, said she was awoken around midnight by the sound of two bangs, followed by what she thought was four or five more.

“I think I’d just dozed off,” McCoog said. “I heard ‘Bang! Bang! …I thought it was fireworks. I went flying out the front door and a cop said it wasn’t safe.”

McCoog retreated inside, but not before seeing dozens of officers herded toward the crosswalk area of 148th Avenue and Clinton Street, close to her home. Police left about seven hours later, she said.

McCoog said she has a camera positioned at the front of her home. Though it wasn’t aimed at the precise site of the shooting, police plan to come back to collect the audio, McCoog said. A neighbor, who didn’t want to comment, also has a camera, which appears positioned toward the crosswalk.

A crosswalk

Portland police fatally shot a man Sunday just after midnight near the crosswalk at Southeast 148th Avenue and Clinton Street.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell responded to the scene. “I’m glad our officers are okay, and this highlights how dangerous this job can be,” he said, according to a press release from police.

Anyone who has information about this incident and has not already spoken to police may contact Detective Stephen Gandy at or Detective Anthony Merrill at and reference case number 22-197823.

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