Nathan Fielder’s ‘The Rehearsal’ begins Oregon-filmed episodes Friday: How to stream

"The Rehearsal"

Nathan Fielder, creator of the HBO series, "The Rehearsal," is shown at the Oregon house where much of the season takes place. (Photo: Allyson Riggs/HBO)


After last week’s premiere episode, which was set in New York, Episode 2 of “The Rehearsal” this week comes to Oregon, where series creator, writer and star Nathan Fielder supposedly helps a woman named Angela “rehearse” what it would be like to be a parent.

(No cable? You can stream “The Rehearsal” on HBO Max. All four seasons of “Nathan For You” are also streaming on HBO Max.)

The six-episode HBO series spends a good deal of time in Oregon, as viewers will find. As with his earlier show, “Nathan For You,” “The Rehearsal” finds Fielder playing a version of himself, working with real people. In the case of “The Rehearsal,” Fielder goes to highly elaborate lengths to hire actors to play real people, who act out various scenarios.

As I wrote in my review of the “The Rehearsal,” Fielder “takes the approach that makes critics dub him an expert in ‘cringe comedy’ to even more elaborate levels. This time, Fielder sets out to prepare real people to face situations that are bothering them, or that they’ve been nervous about. To lessen their anxiety, Fielder stages rehearsals – hiring actors and creating graphs and charts of various results, so his subjects can be prepared for anything.”

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“The Rehearsal” Episode 2, “Scion,” airs at 11 p.m. Friday, July 22 on HBO.


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