‘American Pickers’ is returning to Oregon, and looking for interesting people and collections

"American Pickers"

Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe, of the History Channel series, "American Pickers." (Photo: Cineflix/History Channel)


The History Channel series, “American Pickers,” is scheduled to make another trip to Oregon this fall, and the show is looking for people with interesting stories to tell about the items they’ve collected. “American Pickers,” which premiered in 2010, features the hosts traveling across the country in search of antiques, and other items to purchase.

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Originally, the hosts were Mike Wolfe, who owns Antique Archaeology stores in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville, Tennessee, and Frank Fritz. In 2021, the History Channel confirmed that Fritz wouldn’t be returning. On July 21, Wolfe posted on Instagram that Fritz had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital.

Wolfe is still on the series, and using his experience as a “picker,” which Wolfe’s site describes as “a finder and rescuer of objects.” What that means for viewers is that Wolfe visits homes, attics, barns, farmhouses and other sites where the contents might not look like much to the casual observer. But “American Pickers” focuses on finds that turn out to be more valuable than they might look.

“American Pickers” is planning to film episodes in Oregon in October 2022. As the press release from the production company says, “the Pickers are on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics. Along the way, they want to meet characters with remarkable and exceptional items. They hope to give historically significant objects a new lease on life while learning a thing or two about America’s past along the way. The Pickers have seen a lot of rusty gold over the years and are always looking to discover something they’ve never seen before. They are ready to find extraordinary items and hear fascinating tales about them.”

Before coming to Oregon this fall, the show is seeking leads for people and their possessions that would make compelling viewing. The release says, “If you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, send us your name, phone number, location, and description of the collection with photos to: americanpickers@cineflix.com or call (646) 493-2184 facebook: @GotAPick

"American Pickers"

Got an interesting story, and collectible stuff? "American Pickers" wants you.

The “American Pickers” show will be following guidelines and protocols for safe filming as outlined by the CDC and the state.

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